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Find out more about Hidbrain and what we do

We provide a range of hosting solutions to a global client base and have built a reputation of quality and reliability

What products and services do we provide?

Hidbrain is the hosting and cloud partner of choice for small and medium-sized businesses. We are experts in SaaS and we offer a portfolio of solutions to get businesses present online and working in the digital space. We serve entrepreneurs taking their first steps online, business owners scaling up, large companies and partners who help them reach their ambitious goals. Whether building an online presence by securing a domain, building a website, moving back-office processes to the cloud or orchestrating a container cluster, our comprehensive portfolio offers a best-in-class app, server or service. Reliability and security are engineered into the core of our products. Our network delivers optimal performance and redundancy. With headquarters in the UK, we at Hidbrain pride ourselves on the tradition of state-of-the-art technology, strong privacy policies and airtight data security.

How long have we been in business?

With five years of experience and thousands websites under our belts, our staff is well trained in providing customers with the outstanding service and solutions that we've built our reputation upon. We are passionate about providing customers with the best possible care, ensuring that they have the knowledge and the ability to help you with whatever your needs may be. Fully managed solutions provide expert assistance for all areas of technical support, including updates, Firewall configuration, OS and pre-installed software support, server hardening and so much more.

What markets do we serve?

We started this company with one goal in mind: To serve customers around the world and to provide reliable IT solutions and SaaS Software paired with excellent customer service. We've enjoyed much growth over the years, but that goal has never changed. We owe everything to our customers, and we will continue to show our appreciation with our reliable solutions and our top-of-the-line service.

Our primary data center located in Stockley Park Campus, London, UK.

Find out what our Award Winning Philosophy means for your business

As a market leading hosting provider it is important to us that our success is built upon the success of our clients


A platform built on advanced technologies ensures top levels of performance.


Fully managed servers. No need to worry about software upgrades and security OS updates.


Unparalleled support. Rely on us to resolve your technical issues.

Fast Response

Fast page load times thanks to web servers running the HTTP/2 network protocol.

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